Bar Mitzvah Packages - Yissachar provides comprehensive bar mitzvah packages suitable for all bar mitzvah celebrations that includes:

  • Evening Bar Mitzva Party
  • Kotel Davening and brunch
  • Hanachat Teffilin
  • Bar Mitzva day trip
  • A variety of  Digital, leather or Slip-in Bar Mitzva Albums are available.  

Bat Mitzvah Packages - Yissachar provides comprehensive bat mitzvah packages suitable for all bat mitzvah celebrations that includes:

  • Evening Bat Mitzva Party
  • Davening and brunch
  • Bat Mitzva day trip
  • A variety of  Digital, leather or Slip-in Bat Mitzva Albums are available.

Wedding Packages - Yissachar provides comprehensive wedding packages suitable for all weddings celebrations that includes:  

  • Wedding Package
  • Extended Wedding Package
  • Additional Touring Package
  • A variety of  Digital, leather or Slip-in Wedding Albums are available.

Portrait Packages - Yissachar provides comprehensive portrait packages that includes:

  • New family member portrait session.
  • Full Family portrait session
  • Individual portrait session 

Additional Services

In addition, for simchas, you can book your videographer with Yissachar to save time and effort.

For a Brit or Brita please contact us for further information.






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